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10 tips for easing yourself out of your worst habits

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The month of January is all about making those resolutions that you try to stick to year in, year out. However, this year Tesco Mobile, along with frockadvisor, want to help you avoid all those bad recommendations, and make the best of 2016!

Read on to see our top tips for breaking your worst habits this New Year and making a fresh start of it. 1 Make it conscious: Take a look at the reasons you’re doing it. Once you know the root of the reason the more of a chance of finding out why you do and how to stop doing it.  2 Put it in writing  Make sure you write everything down so it actually sinks in. 3 Spend some time thinking about it The next step is to look at what your usual triggers are and address these. Ie “Do you do it when you are anxious or bored?”. 4 Find a replacement If biting your nails is getting on your nerves, then try finding a less annoying replacement for it. Maybe try chewing gum to get your mind off your nails. Go cold turkey  A replacement mightn’t necessarily work so you might have to bite the bullet and go completely cold turkey. 6 Fine yourself Every time you break habit, give €10 to charity. A burning hole in your pocket will definitely make you re-think your bad habits. Rebel Let your inner rebel out and essentially go against yourself. 8 Treat yourself  Treat yourself when you’ve achieved a goal. For example, 1 month of no biting nails, then go to a nail bar! 9 Let it go Don’t be too hard if you relapse jump back on it. Forgive yourself and don’t dwell on the past. 10 Take up a new hobby Distract yourself with something new to learn. It will take all your focus and you won’t even remember that nasty habit you’re trying to shake off!

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