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5 emotional stages of doing a fashion internship

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You’ve landed that dream fashion internship. The world is your oyster. However, now comes the 5 emotional stages of the beginning of your career.


You can’t wait to start work. In fact, you’re so excited to finally start that you prepare your outfit a week in advance, and wake up at 6am that the morning just to make sure you’re on time. You arrive in the office in a really eager mood (to which your new colleagues respond to with sighs and eye rolls. It’s Monday morning).



“What the hell is going on? What am I even supposed to be doing, and who are all these people? My boss just gave me a list of 9 things to do, but all I can remember is ‘suede’ and ‘Whistles.’ I’m starving but don’t know if 1) It’s socially acceptable to eat anything other than a salad 2) At what time lunch is 3) How long I get for a break. There’s a big shoot coming up tomorrow and I am literally going to faint.”



“We need to talk about fashion week” is a line from your boss that sends chills down your spine. In fact, you want to roll in a little ball under your desk every time an email containing the words comes up. The schedule is jam-packed, cars for your boss to J.W. Anderson and Burberry aren’t booked, the rest of the interns are being difficult and complaining, and suddenly all of your friends are wondering where you are and want to see you. You make excuses, but “I just don’t don’t want to be around people who don’t hate their life right now” would be more appropriate.



Ah, the new interns coming in. So new, so inexperienced. You’re not sure whether to take them under your wing or show them a hard time like the rest did to you, but it becomes crystal clear when they mispronounce ‘Lacroix’ and ask if they can leave the shoot early to meet their boyfriend. You tell them to call you HBIC: the Head Bitch In Charge.



It’s nearing the end of your internship and a sense of sadness settles in. Despite the late nights, the 6am e-mails from your boss with the subject ‘URGENT RETURNS,’ and the catty interns, you’ve learned a lot from it, and are going to miss the office. Also, you now need to look for another internship, which is just a pain.


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