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5 emotional stages of planning a wedding

wedding plan
You set up the Pinterest, you made collages and the invites are sent you. You booked everything – or at least you think you have. Yes, planning a wedding can be super fun, it’s also an emotional rollercoaster. There are so many variables and so many things to look over – it’s no wonder so many people go full bridezilla. 


You don’t all the RSVPs you were expecting and now you are starting to get antsy. Not only that, but your table placements have gone missing – oh and you forgot to book a honeymoon.


As the sense of frustration begins to dissipate you find yourself overcome with a new sensation – sheer panic. Every minute that passes is another step closer to the big day and you in no way prepared. 


Thanks to the stress of planning the big day you find it ever increasingly difficult to fall asleep – that coupled with the triple espressos every few hours isn’t helping. 


Look, you’ve done everything you can, if things don’t go to plan people probably won’t notice? It’s just a day like any other after all. 


OMG OMG it’s time. You find yourself repeatedly saying ”It’s my big day… I mean our big day”. 
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