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5 foolproof ways to spot bridezilla syndrome

The Bridezilla is a strange breed, while they tend to be very rare, they do happen to feature heavily on the wedding circuit. Sometimes spotting a bridezilla can be difficult, even the kindest of souls can turn into your worst nightmare. If you have a budding bridezilla on your hand then you have two options: run away to Lisbon until the wedding is over or stick around and attempt to defuse the situation.  If you happen to be the bridesmaid for an upcoming wedding, we suggest giving this a read. 

A tendency to shout 

Bridezillas tend t0 communicate at a volume of about 140 decibels, that’s about as loud a jet taking off. Troublesome brides to be are characterised by their abundance of shouting and veiny foreheads.   

Dwindling bridesmaids 

That bad attitude is costing you dearly. After telling one of your bridesmaids to ‘lose a pounds’ you soon find yourself with no maids of honour, or friends.   

Diva demands 

Your diva demands have gotten so bad that you have already been blacklisted by three florists and one bridal store. No one wants to be around you, not even your fiancé.   

Mismanagement of expectations 

You think your wedding is akin to the opening ceremony of the olympics. You have grandiose delusions about what the big day will be like, you need to triple your budget – you will be disappointed, even with the extra cash.   

Social Media Complaining 

You shamelessly ‘@’ companies on platforms such as Twitter and demand special treatment because you think your a special princess. You even go as far as to drag an innocent florist’s name through the mud because their white roses were more of an ivory. 
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