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5 hacks for happier living

hacks for happier living
If you’re feeling down then these hacks for happier living might help brighten your week. These hacks aren’t hard to do, nor will they cost much money. These hacks are simple time tested applications that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Wanting a happy life is a fundamental part of the human experience, but having a happy life, for some, seems difficult to achieve. We hope these hacks help you start on your journey to become happier.    


hacks for happier living Taking a break from social media can do you a world of good. Studies have shown that increased use of social media can lead to anxiety and even depression. Logging off Facebook won’t leave you out of the loop – do you really care that your exe’s cousin went to a hen party? No, you really don’t. So log off and make real connections with people you care about. 


hacks for happier living volunteer Undertaking lengthy volunteer work is a privilege granted to those that have the right supports. Since most of us have to actually work and can’t rely on inheritances, volunteering is a bit harder to do. But if you set aside one Saturday or Sunday a month and volunteer you will definitely feel better. Love animals? Volunteer at a local animal shelter and help those critter find a loving home.   


hacks for happier living exercise It’s not rocket science, exercise makes you happier. But the gym can be crowded and boring so shake things up. Go for a hike with your family, cycle through the city with friends and have a picnic. If you live within a reasonable distance from work ditch the car/train and cycle in. You’ll save money, feel better and within a few weeks, you’ll have legs that would make Beyonce jealous. 


hacks for happier living exercise Whether we want to admit it or not, we all hate follow someone on social media. It could be a celebrity, blogger, acquaintance etc. If someone on your feed irks you to no end then unfollow them. You’ll soon forget they ever existed and you’ll feel much better. 

Buy Less 

hacks for happier living buy less When we go shopping, some of us have this primal ‘gatherer’ urge to pick up as much as possible. How many of us have stuff in our wardrobe that still has the tag on it? This conspicuous consumption only leaves our homes cluttered with meaningless trinkets and clothing. Invest in capsule pieces and homewares that mean something special – house plants also help make an impact. A decluttered home does the soul good.     

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