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5 people you need to unfollow on Instagram

Instagram is great, it gives you a curated glimpse into the lives of your friends, favourite celebs and bloggers. The photo-sharing app is now bigger than Twitter, with some speculating it might even outpace the increasingly unpopular social platform Facebook. While Insta does boast a huge number of positives, there are inevitably going to be people on the platform that irk you to no end! Here are 5 types of people you need to unfollow. 

The Uploader 

You know the type, the one’s that don’t use Instagram that much, but when they do – you can guarantee you’ll know all about it. The uploader will quietly collect snaps from nights out, dinners and weekend’s away and suddenly, without warning, on a sleepy Monday evening your feed is flooded with 300 pictures from the same person.   

The Hashtagger 

Hashtags are amazing they should be used appropriately and sparingly, hashtag over saturation can be detrimental, not to mention it looks very messy. #Me #The #KneeCap #Instagram #Filter #Kony – see what we mean.   

Fitness Freaks 

It’s bad enough that the media makes me feel guilty for eating carbs and not running enough, but now you’re old friend from school is going to make you feel bad for being tired after a long day in the office and not going to the gym. I am a human being, I need carbs I need rest and more importantly I need Merlot. Let me live!   

The Show Off

While you squirrel away your hard earned money, that show-off you follow on Insta is posting pictures of empty Möet bottles every other weekend and buying up half of Celine’s collection. The envy that these show-offs induce is toxic, it’s best to unfollow for your own well being.   

The Inexplicable Quoter 

Some quotes are totally fine, but then there’s people that post the most incomprehensible quotes that were never even said by the likes of Ghandi, Marilyn Monroe or Buddha. ”Dream the dreams you dreamt when you dreamt them because it’s tomorrow again” – Ghandi.   

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