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5 subtle ways of dropping hints to your work crush

kendall jenner blowing kiss
Whether the attraction grew out of convenience, proximity or some subconscious work-fling fetish, there is no denying that most of us have a work crush. With Valentines approaching at alarming rate you need to start dropping hints that you’re a single Pringle and most definitely ready to mingle. Most workplaces tend to frown upon fraternising with your colleagues, but what your boss doesn’t know won’t kill them. So here are five ways to drop hints to your work crush that you are interested in them.  

Psyche yourself up

Approaching your crush and striking up a conversation is half the battle. Just be you – or at least pretend to be semi-normal until they get to know you better.  

Get their number

A few flirtatious WhatsApps (outside of work hours) should do the trick. If they don’t reply, just keep texting, what’s the worst that could happen…  

Let them know you’re hot property

If they think that someone else wants you that instantly makes you twenty times more attractive than anyone else in the room during that moment and time.  

Surprise them

So you haven’t heard from them in a few days? Don’t worry, just show up at their cubicle on the other side of the building and drop some subtle flirt-bombs.  

Accept defeat

So HR have sent you a scathing email and called you in for a meeting about your recent behaviour. It turns out your crush wasn’t that into you after all – their loss….    
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