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6 emotional stages of being single for Valentine’s Day

valentines day struggle
Valentine’s Day is arguably one of the most amazing marketing tools ever created. It functions in two lucrative ways: single people buy more things plus treat themselves to stuff to make themselves feel better, while couples treat each other to gifts and trips away. Now, I might sound like a clinical single moan, but Valentine’s Day, at its core, could be seen as a way to increase expenditure after the post holidays sales slump. Being single around Valentine’s Day isn’t a bad thing at all, but we are human after all and can sometimes feel the struggle to accept our singlehood on this most overly romanticised of days.  

Sunday Blues

Sunday’s generally suck, but a Valentine’s Day on a Sunday is even worse.  


You decide to hit up your single best friend and get some brunch. As you sip Bloody Marys you decide it’s best to pretend you’re a loving couple so you can try get free Bloody Marys.  


You decide to sign yourself up to Tinder for the first time ever. Your phone starts vibrating off the table and you feel like the most beautiful gal in the world.  

45 minutes later…

You are over Tinder and all men in existence and then your blood runs cold with dread. A text from your ex.


Well, kind of, your friend, in state fury, grabs your phone and manages to block your ex from ever contacting you again. You both decide to go home, nap and go out for a dance that night. 


Fast forward a good few hours and you find yourself with your best friend, sharing a giant kebab, and feeling a bit drunk/emotional.    
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