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6 struggles of Monday morning

There are three inevitabilities in life; death, attention seeking Facebook statuses and Monday mornings. Chances are you had a bit of a wild weekend, you may or may not have consumed your weight in wine on Saturday night and then spent your Sunday in bed consuming large volumes of all things fried. So you probably feel a bit out of sorts when you arose on Monday morning. 

Waking up is such sweet sorrow 

You’ve had a dreadful night sleep, you wake up, you sit at the end of your bed and wonder do you really need your job?   

Breakfast to-go 

Since you procrastinated for 30 minutes about whether or not you should get out of bed, you come to the horrible realisation that you’re running late. Which means one of two things, you either starve until lunch, or bring a minimal effort breakfast with you on your commute.  


Monday commutes are a little piece of hell on earth. It’s bad enough it’s Monday, you had an awful breakfast, you’re cranky and now you have to sit on a crowded, sweaty and worst of all, smelly, bus. But the icing on the cake is when someone from your old college, who is more successful than you, sits next to you and brags about their life.   

Fake Nice

You get into work, coffee in hand, sunglasses on. You try your best to muster up a fake smile at reception, you sit down and your boss asks you how you are. You just keep fake smiling and pretend you’re ok. But you’re so tired you’re unaware that you’ve been wearing your sunglasses in the office for about 30 minutes at this stage. 

Team Building Exercise 

You catch up on your much neglected emails and notice that you have a team building exercise penciled in for your lunch hour! The absolute audacity is unimaginable, you had a team building exercise last month, this surely a waste of resources, why would you make Monday worse?  

Internet Issues 

To make matters worse the internet does that thing it does every Monday morning. It’s as if by clockwork the internet in the whole office drops at 11:39AM, you have to email your client with a proposal by 11:45AM. This is all too much to handle.   
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