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6 struggles of spending Christmas with your family

christmas family
Don’t get us wrong, we love our families dearly – but sometimes being so close to our loved ones can be an emotional rollercoaster. Christmas day can super fun, but spending that much time in close proximity with your loved ones could take its toll on even the most patient of people. Here are the six emotional struggles of spending Christmas with the family.   


Ok, so maybe you went a bit overboard at Christmas eve drinks, but you had a successful year – you deserve a little indulgence, it is the party season after all.   



All these fabulous gifts, all for you. Opening presents on Christmas morning, with your family, can make you feel like a kid again.   


Dinner isn’t for another few hours, but your grandmother keeps trying to ply you with chocolates, you resist the urge and feel as though your body might go into ketosis at any minute.   


During dinner your aunt that you dislike has the audacity to ask you ”Is that your 3rd plate already?” to which you wish could respond ”Is that your third husband Angela?” but you bite your tongue and enjoy that third plate – you deserved it!   


After consuming enough food to sustain a family of 6, you have an overwhelming urge to nap. But crazy aunt Linda has insisted you have some champagne – it begins!  


You slouch by the fire and knock into the wine. The Queen’s Speech is but a distant hazy memory and you begin to feel the affects of all the alcohol you’ve consumed throughout the day. You timidly check your phone to see if any of your friends want to meet up. No one responds to your pleas to hang out.   
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