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7 Steps To Designer Boutique Shopping


High-end shopping doesn’t have to be difficult.

Knowing which boutiques to visit to suit your shopping needs is half the battle. frockadvisor understand that sometimes designer shopping can be daunting, so we’ve put together a list of top-tips to help you to preen your high-end boutique shopping skills. From vintage classics to emerging designers, follow frockadvisor as we guide you through our 7 steps to designer boutique shopping success.  

frockadvisor’s Top-Tips:


1. Don’t Stomp Your Little Last Season Prada Shoes At Me, Honey.

Know your seasons. Don’t fork out for last season’s designer shoes at this season’s prices. boutique

2. Identify

Identify which designers and styles of design that you like to avoid wasting time flicking through the rails. Whether your looking for vintage designer finds or new up and comers, knowing which style of designer will narrow down your search. Dipili, The Laden Room and Ursa are ideal shopping destinations for those who love an emerging, underdog. While high-end label hoggers would be more suited to boutiques like Havana, Costume, Frock N’ Fabulous and Design Centre.

3. Research

Research the latest fashion trends before you set out on your boutique shopping binge. Check out fashion magazines, blogs and online publications to ensure that your boutique look is on-trend. boutique

4. Cleaning Out My Closet

Some designer boutiques will buy your old, unwanted designer clothing. Ransack your wardrobe to make room for your new designer buys, boutiques like Designer Exchange, Siopaella, Ruby Ruby and Second Avenue will dust off your old designers and give them a new home.

5. P.O.A

Have a plan of action. Preparation is vital when strategically planning your shopping trip, plan your boutique route to maximise your precious shopping time. boutique

6. Channel Gok Wan

Know how to dress for your body shape and colouring to avoid forking out designer prices on outfits that will only look pretty in your wardrobe.

7. Try It On

Try clothes on at the boutique before you part with your cash to avoid being horrified when you get home and throw on your designer threads. boutique    

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