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7 struggles of walking in heels

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Walking in heels is an art, it takes practice, patience and most importantly – balance. Most of us struggle to strut our stuff in heels and that is totally fine. Some of us are stubborn, we insist on wearing heels – because why the heel not. But sometimes (most of the time) is a bloody struggle. 

You are passionate about shoes

So passionate in fact that your shoe collection rivals the GDP of some of the world’s smaller nations. You own a lot of shoes that you can’t even walk in, but that doesn’t stop you from wearing them.  VERY passionate   But this passion for shoes is not without its problems. Here are the ultimate struggles of trying to navigate this big bad world in heels.  

Trying to look hot while you walk past your ex and their friends

You haven’t seen your ex in months, now, for some reason, in this corner of the world you are in the same room. You try to look hot and strut past, but your heels have other plans.   

‘Is the DJ playing Beyonce?’

They’re playing your jam, you do an awkward run/jog to the dance floor. What’s the worst that could happen?  

Winter is our greatest folly

Icy conditions, torrential rain, snow and god knows what else are expected for the week ahead, but are you going to let that stop you looking fierce?  

How you think you look walking down the street.

The reality:  

You can’t pass a shop without falling in love


As you get older, you put things into perspective


The final straw!

There’s always a turning point for even the biggest high heel enthusiast, the turning point is usually an injury.    

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