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7 ways you’re being annoying on social media

Social media is such a wonder concept. We can connect with friends all over the globe, share a little piece of our life with the world, many people have even made lucrative careers from their social media prowess, but then there are those that simply drive us mad!   

Snapchat Etiquette

Snapchat is fast outpacing Facebook as the platform of choice for younger people. This fun photo-sharing platform allows users to interact with one another via photos they’ve taken. But then we have those unscrupulous individuals that feel the need to post Snapchat stories that can be over 400 seconds long. I cannot fathom such disrespect – you expect me to sit there and look at forty, ten second clips of something I wasn’t invited to. Just no! 

The Hashtagger

At its core the hashtag is one of social media’s most innovative concepts, a tag that allows users to find their niche interest, sounds fab. But, what about those people that hashtag everything and we mean EVERYTHING. Some people out their think it’s acceptable to hashing useless words: #And #Then #When #Hashtag. The proliferation and over saturation of the hashtag will be our ruination. 

The Selfie Enthusiast 

Thank you for the twice daily selfie. I almost forgot what you look like. The constant repetitive image of your face on my news feed haunts me. I scroll through Instagram with trepidation, I anxiously await the image of your visage, your dead eyes staring blankly into the camera crying out for a like, your painful, protruding pout and worst of all, your eyebrows. 

Grammar Nazis 

As languages evolves, words and phrases, ways of spelling, punctuation and whatever else enter and leave our lexicon. Language is fluid, it is constantly changing. Imagine if we were taught subjects in school in the same English that was spoken in the 17th century. Some people just have a compulsion to stagnate the English language. 

Over Sharing 

”So & so is in a relationship with so & so and it’s complicated.” These people give me secondhand embarrassment, or those people whose whole life just seems like one endless tragic novel ‘This is to all the backstabbers out there, you know who you are, you are not worth my time, I am sick of this’. Gym selfies also fall into this category, we get, you go to the gym, you eat raw food and you’ll outlive us all, well done! 


It seems like Facebook is more of a baby catalogue these days than a social media platform. There’s always one person who constantly posts pictures of their newborn. We get it, you have a baby, so do billions of others. I see your baby so much I feel like I’m raising it myself, I wouldn’t be surprised if your baby’s first word was ”hashtag”. Put down the phone and bring your baby to the park or something. 

Social Justice Warriors 

They take offence to everything (Remember Kony), Don’t get me wrong, I understand how truly awful the world is, inequality and discrimination are rife. These issues certainly need addressing and solving. But these social justice warriors sit behind the comfort of their keyboards, spewing rhetoric about social justice should really go and volunteer or donate money, but they won’t, because the amniotic tranquility of their bedroom is too difficult to leave behind.  Cover Photo: Kim Kardashian Instagram
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