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Advice: Help! I’m going on a first date what the frock do I wear?

Tricky, really tricky, high stakes with many variables. Are you going for dinner or going to the dogs? Have you already had an encounter or is this date blind? Lets proceed with some assumptions. You’re going for a casual supper and you’ve never met before. Understand your audience when visualising your message. Who are you going to meet? What are his likes and dislikes? When choosing your look, always work backwards from the story that you want to tell. We’re not saying don’t be yourself, we’re saying hook him first. So the look we’re going for here is a hybrid, high-key, casual chic, let call it Cocktail Casual. To act comfortably, be comfortable, no, not a tracksuit, style and comfort need not be mutually exclusive. The basic options are a dress or separates. The dress is relatively easy to master; one piece and you’re done. Separates can be difficult to crack but it’s worth pursuing it as they give a wonderful air of nonchalance. If in doubt, work the jeans and a dressy top look, which says, I tried – but not too hard. Shop the First Date Look: Top: topPia Galway   Trousers:
  Accessories: Margaret-Necklace-Clear-web-version+WMMy Shining Armour 10985281_910951862259152_549064078662672381_nBuffalo Dublin Fany-FT0368-50GDivine Boutique productimage-picture-cayla-clutch-white-18693Wolf and Badger   Complete Look: first date
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