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American Fashion: Versatile New York

  New York Fashion & Street style: Its time to broaden your horizons, literally. Many say that travel broadens our mind. And if you have spent seven million hours in a que, waiting on a delayed Ryanair flight, then you will grasp the mind altering effects seeing the world can actually have. They say going abroad can also help jump start your own style too. See what I did there? It wasn’t funny was it? Comical stereotypes aside, heading off to some of the worlds most stylish cities can help you gain some sweet wardrobe moves that you wouldn’t have learnt from your couch while watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. And with only a few holiday a year, there is not a lot of time for the amount of ground you should be covering. Its a place of movie scenes. Its loud, but they say if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Well, that’s what Alicia Keys tells us. Where else would we be talking about, but the place of Broadway – New York. And any New York man worth his salt beef bagel will know that they need a wardrobe that rotates. This is without a doubt, a four season city. The men of NYC are well equipped. They have a wardrobe that can take them out of the office and straight into a bar two blocks over. They can go from summer to winter, just like that. These guys take a classic approach to style. They look to smart-casual staples that don’t date easily and that are so versatile that they could work for the majority of occasions. However, that’s doesn’t mean the guys over stateside aren’t contemporary. Its their lifestyles that you have to thank for spawning sports luxe a couple of years ago. You can still follow their cue, though. Just start to stock up on those Oxford shirts and outerwear that is easily layered and you will never be stuck for something to wear.  

Ps. Catch more of Mark Anthony’s stuff over on markmystyle


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