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APPISODE 1: Body Confidence #TopPopTropPop

With the media constantly pushing airbrushed images at us on the daily, it’s easy to get wrapped up in constantly striving for perfection. Niamh O’Donoghue has suffered with scoliosis since she was a child and has grown the body confidence to get through it. Her advice is “..Love your body for what it is”. Share your body confidence story with us! Join in the conversation with the hashtag #TopPopTropPop  

APPISODE 2: Serial Dating #TopPopTropPop

Since Tinder has come on the scene, dating these days, is on a whole other level. Meet Dawn, a self proclaimed Disney Princess who’s on the look out for her Prince Charming! Dawn has had to endure her fair share of out of the ordinary dates, one in which included a request to partake in, “ear sex”? Yes, you heard right, EAR SEX. But, how does this even work? Watch to find out. Share your Tinder story with us! Join in the conversation with the hashtag #TopPopTropPop  

APPISODE 3: Feminism #TopPopTropPop

Us girls gotta stick together! In our next appisode, Lauren Lapwood gets passionate about women shaming other women, how we’re all equal, and how one woman’s success doesn’t belittle yours. Share your feminism stories with us! Join in the conversation with the hashtag #TopPopTropPop.

Appisode 4: Pushing the Fashion Boundaries #TopPopTropPop

Next up is Kassiani Cheirogeorgou who talks to Andrea Horan about pushing the fashion boundaries and expressing yourself through what you choose to wear. Do you feel like you’re dressing yourself for other people? Who are you dressing for?

Appisode 5: One Night Stands #TopPopTropPop

Are women biologically programmed to create a connection with someone they have had a one night stand with or is it just a societal stereotype? Sophie Shanley speaks about the night before with Andrea Horan over a mani.

Appisode 6: Happiness #TopPopTropPop

Is there a recipe for happiness? Jessika Banaghan talks to Andrea Horan about taking some time to figure out the little things that make you happy. Even if it’s simply a cup of tea and your favourite TV show. What are the things that make you happy? Join in the conversation with the hashtag #TopPopTropPop.

Appisode 7: Boobs #TopPopTropPop

When it comes to it, are boobs just a major inconvenience? Nicky chats to Andrea Horan about bras, nipples and bearing all.

Appisode 8: Media & Reality TV #TopPopTropPop

Next up in the Topical Popical @ Tropical Popical series, we have the hilarious Alison Spittle. From meeting XFactors Wagner and paying him £20 to do a video for her Dublin Fringe Festival show to having Katie Price as her spirit animal, her obsession with reality tv knows no bounds!

Topical Popical @ Tropical Popical Overview

  No subject is taboo as women share their thoughts and opinions on topics as wide ranging as when body hair became so unwanted; public periods; feminism; boob & lip jobs; childbirth; ear sex; one night stands; female Viagra… all the things you know women want to talk about but are sometimes afraid to bring up. The 20 appisodes will air every Monday from the 12th October and the conversation won’t stop once the show is aired. By using the hashtag #TopPopTropPop viewers can get involved in the pressing pop culture debate.