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Beauty is skin deep: How unique beauty has revived the fashion industry

Facial symmetry has long been thought to be the answer to a beautiful face, and almost a necessity if you wanted to make it as a model. However, we have recently seen an influx of extremely beautiful yet unusual, unique looking models take to the runways. These women are not your typical symmetrically faced blessed beauties, but rather atypical quirky looking beauties. Their prevalence on the runways is extremely refreshing in the fashion world, who’s ideals of beauty, rarely wavers. Their looks are representative of the preference for beauty that represents originality over “perfection”. Have a look below at the bevy of beauties who embrace their uniqueness and have shook up the fashion industry for all the right reasons:
Molly Blair
Molly Blair is a game changer in the fashion industry with regards to beauty ideals.  The 17 year old’s unusual looks have seen her sashay down the runways of Chanel and Giambattista Valli and DKNY. She described her look in 3 words to W Magazine as “Alien, gremlin, baby.”
Natalie Westling
Natalie Westling has walked the runways of the likes of Miu Miu and Yves Saint Laurent and was most recently featured in the Dior Spring 2015 campaign. She is undoubtedly stunning in a non beauty idealist way.
Issa Lish
Issa Lish’s striking and distinctive looks are down to her Mexican roots and Japanese father. The former art student turned model has walked for the likes of Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier and Anna Sui. via Vogue
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