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Beauty trend: The classic cat eye

The classic cat eye was huge on the Oscar de la Renta and Prada SS15 runways. As we mentioned before, the cat eye elongates and lifts the eye. It is a timeless and elegant look that any celebrities embrace. This feminine feline flick won’t be going out of fashion any time soon! Creating a cat eye can be a daunting experience in itself. Trying to draw a straight line and aiming to getting your flick in the right place, is little overwhelming and time consuming! But, practice makes perfect. Look at our top tips of how to create a cat eye with ease:
  • Use pencil first
Using an eyeliner pencil is great for creating your eyeliner shape. It’s easy to wash off and less daunting than a liquid or gel eyeliner. Once you have plotted out your shape, you can trace over this with your liquid or gel eyeliner. Have q-tips on stand by, for any mistakes you make!
  • Line thickness
Your eyeliner should be thinner on the inner part of the eye and a little but thicker on the outer edges. Ensure that you build on the thickness of the line. You don’t want to go straight in with a line that’s too thick.
  • The flick
Creating a cat eye is not a one size fits all situation! Trying to mark your flick in the correct place and getting the two of them even, can be a difficult feat. For your flick, you should plot it by drawing an “imaginary” line as if to extend from your bottom lashes. Use your bottom lid as a guide. Your flick should carry on from the bottom lid. Extend the line out and upwards from your top lash line, towards the outer edges of your brows, then drag the line back towards the lash line and fill in. Make sure to plot out your flick with your eye open. If you draw your flick with your eye closed, trust me, it will look completely different when you open your eye! Have a look at the amazing makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury’s tutorial, on how to achieve a cat eye! Cover image source: “gel eyeliner” by Pixi. Licenced under CC NC-ND 2.0.  
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