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Beauty Trend Tuesday: Perfect Purple

For our beauty trend Tuesday, we’ve set our sights on the SS15 purple eyeshadow trend! Vera Wang, Derek Lam and Matthew Williamson all showcased perfect purple smoky shades, from plums to purply pink shades. Many people shy away from purple eyeshadow as it can be a real statement colour on the eyes. However, using the correct technique and finding the right shade of purple to suit you will make you stand out from the crowd, but for all the right reasons!
Derek Lam
There are a variety of purple eyeshadows, ranging from warm undertones like plum or eggplant to cooler undertones like purply pink or refined purple hues. Instead of going full scale purple, use a little eyeshadow then build and blend to fan out, for a subtle smokey look. Some of our favourite purple eyeshadows are, for green eyes, MAC‘s eyeshadow in “Fig”, for brown eyes, MAC‘s eyeshadow in “Trax”, which had bronze flecks going through it, making the eyeshadow warmer, and for blue eyes, go for cooler eyeshadows with dusty undertones, like MAC‘s eyeshadow in “Beautiful iris”.
Matthew Williamson
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