Have you ever looked at some-one’s fabulous hairstyle and thought, how on earth have they managed to achieve it? Is there enough hair-spray in the world to make the strands stand up in that way? We’ve decided to take a stab at how we would go about re-creating the craziest hairstyles out there. The Sea-Biscuit Things you’ll need: A toy horse Copious amounts of hair Twist a toy horse in your hair with some wire and wrap your mane around it. Pin to secure. Finish off look with a can
The Underwater Photoshoot Benjamin von Wong’s underwater shoot was a project of epic proportions. He used 7 divers, 2 models and 1 shipwreck to create something surreal. His shoot happened 25 metres underwater in Bali where he tied 2 models (who had extensive diving training) to a 50 year old shipwreck and photographed their ethereal poses. A shoot like this posed numerous challenges from requiring professional divers for manoeuvring around the shipwreck to limited lighting and equipment. Twitter: @thevonwong Website: vonwong.com Images: Vonwong.com  The Snowy Mountain Photoshoot Back in 2008, Eric
When fashion week season rolls around, making an impact is essential and sometimes, the more outrageous the impact the better. Fashion shows that garner the most attention, be it good or bad, are often the ones that won’t be forgotten. From bicycles on the catwalk to being underwater, we have compiled a list of our favourite outrageous shows over the past few years. Step Dancers Image via totokaelo.com Rick Owens entitled his show Viscous Women and hired step dancers to showcase his SS14 collection. They stomped down the catwalk in
Spring is a time of exercising, celery and carrot sticks and sugar deprivation in preparation for that summer body. You know how that old saying goes – “No pizza before Ibiza”. Oh and lets not forget sweatpants, tank tops and runners. Workout clothing has become the socially acceptable version of wearing your pyjamas in public. However, there’s nothing worse than getting stuck in a yoga-pant rut. Stay stylish while exercising with some of these great gym picks. There’s nothing worse than looking the part in your new gym gear only
With every New Year comes the reels of resolutions and nods to good intentions but in reality a lot of these will turn into broken promises. Another year has passed and why not take a more realistic approach towards 2015 – instead of changing you, change your goals. It’s as simple as that. Realism is key. Success is not a word reserved for others. You can have a slice of that cake – and eat it too (in moderation!). We promise ourselves the moon and the stars every January, to
The difference between turtle and polo is simple; turtle sits flush to the neck and falls short of reaching the jawline. The polo has a fold over and, covering the full neck, is a much greater commitment. Traditionally, the turtleneck has not abounded in fashion credentials, stuck as it is in the world of the elderly schoolteacher. But, of late, it’s making a re-emergence, aided by the concepts of layering and winter chill. It’s a basic garment but one that can become a cosy carrier for scarves, gilets and blanket
Mood rings were all the rage in the 90s but they have recently re-emerged with a 21st century twist. The premise of the ring was that it reflected your mood depending on the colour it changed. What it actually depended on was the sweatiness of whatever finger you were wearing it on. Now a Finnish design company have released a ring that reads your mood more accurately. The ring contain biometric sensors that are connected to a mood tracking smartphone app. If you’re prone to mood swings, grab yourself one
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