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Boutique of the Week: Bumps ‘N’ Babies

Bumps ‘N’ Babies are an online store catering to fashions to expectant mothers, newborns and children. The boutique’s showroom in Cork is only accessible by appointment to ensure each expectant mother has enough time to browse the collections comfortably. The adorable boutique stock stylish yet functional maternity wear, meaning it’s a one stop shop for expectant mothers and their bundles of joy. We’ve headed over to the app to pick out our favourite pieces from frock’s Boutique of the Week.

Style Conscious Babies

babies Ensure your little ones are born with style with these adorable 2-piece outfits.

Singin’ in the Rain

babies Your kiddies will love splashing about in this brightly printed rainwear.

Yummy Mummy

babies Who said pregnancy can’t look fabulous? Turn heads for all the right reasons with this two-tone print maternity dress. 

Stylish Bump

babies Pamper your bump with this elegant navy lace maternity dress.  

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