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Boutique of the week: House of Portobello

house of portobello
Located just a stone’s throw from the historic Spanish Arch, House or Portobello is one of the trendiest boutiques in Galway – if not Ireland. This über cool establishment blends vintage with contemporary through its eclectic mix of eye catching clothing. A well kept secret amongst boutique shoppers about House of Portobello, is their huge collection of luxury designer goods.  Not only does House of Portobello offer customers a plethora of all things vintage, trendy and high end, the store also offers its loyal customers excellent customer service – online or in-store. Here are 5 looks we LOVE from the team at House of Portobello.   

Chanel Waistcoat


Louboutin Peep Toe Heels

house of portobello louboutin-peep-toe-slig-back-heels

Victoria Beckham Dress

house of portobello victoria-beckham-dress

Michael Kors Bag

house of portobello michael-kors-b

Diane Von Furstenburg Tweed Skirt

house of portobello diane-von-furstenburg-tweed-skirt

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