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Address: Camlin, Mitchelsfort, Watergrasshill, Co.Cork.
Opening Hours: 24 Hour online
Phone: +35385 153 7084
Hi my name is Liz Hobbs and I am the creator of Ethical Souls. I have always had a strong passion for fashion. Having begun my fashion journey as a part time stylist and blogger there was always an urge within me to own my own boutique. Initially, I began to become more conscious of the food I ate and the beauty products I used,especially Ethical Souls (1)the ingredients they contained. Eventually, the search for a more simplistic lifestyle evolved into clothing. It became more and more apparent to me that I didn’t know where my clothes came from or who made them? In addition, I found that it wasn’t easy to find ethical clothing in Cork. As a result of this, I began to make my dream of owning my own boutique a reality and Ethical Souls was born!I wanted to provide not only myself but the ladies of Cork, Ireland and beyond with stylish, bold & exciting fashion and beauty products. Ethical Souls ensures that all clothing designers & brands used are fair trade and provide fair employment while also being reasonably priced. Also all beauty products are natural and free from harmful chemicals. So far, this fashion and beauty fusion incorporates small Irish designers such as the wonderfully talented and unique Alice Halliday & artisan designers from Africa & Nepal such as Mafrika, Kampala Fair & Elegantees. While also providing smaller natural beauty product brands such as Dublin based 2b Organics and Ruth’s Natural skincare and Cork based Catherine Clooneys Rosies Supposes. I believe it’s important even if it’s just one vibrant, authentic, statement piece in your wardrobe that you know where it came from & who made it. If you are keen to help, the easiest thing to do is to shop at Ethical Souls and discover how good you can look and feel wearing ethical fashion and natural beauty products.

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