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Brows On Fleek: The Microblading Technique

Never underestimate the importance of eyebrows. Whether they’re arched, straight, penciled-in, feathered or bold, eyebrows are undeniably one of the most important facial features.  In recent years we’ve become obsessed with the latest in eyebrow grooming, we’ve plucked, waxed and threaded our way to perfect brows. Most recently, HD brows were the must-have in brow grooming. However, HD brows are a thing of the past, it’s all about microblading now. 

The Process

microblading Unlike tattooing which just fills in the eyebrow in one block colour, microblading involves drawing on individual strokes, one by one, using a special microblading pen to create the appearance of fine, delicate hair strokes which blend in seamlessly with the client’s natural eyebrow. During the first hour of the process, the technician will customise the new eyebrow shape with a pencil. The microblading technician can follow the brows natural shape or create a new brow-shape, depending on the client’s preference. The final part of the process involves inserting pigment under the skin’s surface with a micro-blade. 

The Cost

microblading The innovative technique takes around two hours and costs between €350 – €450. It’s recommended that you have a 40 minute follow-up one month after your first treatment which usually costs around €80. After this, your brows will only require a touch-up once a year. The treatment is low maintenance and no extra after care is required. You can rub your new brows and even go swimming once the skin has healed.

The Concerns

microblading Sounds great, right? But you’re probably worried that the process will be painful. Microblading is relatively pain-free, although some clients may feel a slight discomfort. A topical numbing cream is applied to the eyebrow area before the experts begin microblading your beautiful new brows. This is followed by a liquid anesthetic to ensure that the treatment is as pain-free and comfortable as possible.

The Results

While the process can take two hours and costs up to €450, the long lasting results are definitely worth the time and money. The daily benefits of a strong eyebrow game and smudge-proof finish are priceless.  
Image Source: Instagram

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