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Celebrity News: Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp & Margot Robbie

Celebrity news & gossip: Brad Pitt saves a little girl’s life while filming on set in Gran Canaria, Johnny Depp embarrasses himself on live TV – faces huge social media backlash. Margot Robbie pays homage to Bret Easton Ellis’ infamous novel, American Psycho.     

Watch: Brad Pitt save a little girl’s life

As if Brad Pitt wasn’t already perfect, he goes and saves a little girl from being crushed to death by a stamped of ignorant fans in Gran Canaria. The superstar hunk is currently filming WWII film ‘Allied’ in the Canary Islands. When Pitt went out to meet fans the crowds went crazy, nearly crushing a child – but thankfully Brad saved the day.

Johnny Depp tries to explain THAT Australia incident

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 52 year year old petulant man-child Johnny Depp opens up about the whole incident with Australia and his dogs. The delussional actor cut a worrying figure as he appeared disheveled and intoxicated on screen – his brown teeth even raised a few eyebrows on social media. Depp, whom thinks his above the law even went as far to label the country of Australia as ‘dumb’. Check it out:

Watch: Margot Robbie pays homage to American Psycho

Aussie breakthrough actor Margot Robbie is fast becoming a Hollywood A-lister. The talented blonde has been gracing our screen for a few years now and it seem’s she’ll be snapping up more lead roles in the near future. Robbie teamed up with Vogue to recreate an iconic scene from Bret Easton Ellis’ infamous novel, American Psycho. Robbie assumes the role of the book’s protagonist Patrick Bateman, as she goes about his morning routine.  

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