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Celebrity News: Chris Hemsworth, Amy Schumer & Amal Clooney

Celebrity news and gossip: Chris Hemsworth teams up with Ellen Degeneres to surprise a super fan in her office, Amal Clooney calls out Donald Trump for his dangerous rhetoric and Vanity Fair record Amy Schumer’s reaction to Jennifer Lawrence interviews.   

Chris Hemsworth surprises office workers

Aussie hunk, Chris Hemsworth, teamed up with Ellen Degeneres to surprise some of the office employees at Warner Brothers. In a bid to promote his role in the upcoming Ghost Busters film, in which Hemsworth plays a ditzy administrative worker, Hemsworth visits an unsuspecting fan. In this clip Chris surprises a surperfan in her place of work – check it out:

Amal Clooney calls out Donald Trump

International lawyer, activist and author, Amal Clooney, has called Donald Trump. The Oxford graduate cites Trumps obsession with othering non white Americans, foreign nationals and muslims as highly problematic. Amal highlights how Trumps rethoric is also an attack on the American citizens he so desperately wants to win over.

Amy Schumer reacts to Jennifer Lawrence interviews

Vanity Fair filmed the always hilarious Amy Schumer reactions to a series of Jennifer Lawrence interviews. As you could imagine the comedian doesn’t mind throwing a few playful digs at her best friend. Check it out:

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