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Celebrity News: Heidi Klum, Taylor Swift and Angelina Jolie

Every morning we bring you the juiciest celebrity gossip from around the world – the good, the bad and the downright ugly, you’re sure to find something for you. This morning we have the following: Heidi Klum’s incredible Halloween transformation, Taylor Swift sings Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ with Idina Menzel and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt shine in latest tailer for ‘By The Sea’. 

Watch: Heidi Klum’s incredible Halloween transformation 

Heidi Klum wins Halloween once again. The German supermodel was virtually unrecognisable on Halloween when she arrived at a red carpet event dressed as Jessica Rabbit. Klum is synonymous with pushing the boundaries when it comes to Halloween costumes and this look is certainly eye popping.   

Watch: Taylor sings ‘Let it Go’ with Idina Menzel

Paying homage to Frozen flawlessly, Taylor Swift was accompanied by Idina Menzel as they closed her final US show of her hugely successful 1989 tour. The pair duetted the much loved (and sometimes loathed) Frozen theme song ‘Let it Go’.  

Watch: Latest trailer for ‘By The Sea’

Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut ‘By The Sea’ looks absolutely captivating. Jolie teased a second trailer for her upcoming film which stars both her and her husband Brad Pitt. The trailer is melancholic and dark – yet simultaneously stunning. Lets hope the trailer does the film justice when it’s realised in late November. 
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