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Celebrity News: Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus’ lookalike & Julia Roberts

Every morning we bring you the juiciest celebrity gossip from around the world – the good, the bad and the downright ugly, you’re sure to find something for you. This chilly morning we have the following: Jennifer Lawrence’s amazing ‘awkward’ interview with Vogue magazine, Julia Roberts meets nine other women that bare the same name as her and Miley Cyrus has a doppelgänger. 

Watch: Jennifer Lawrence amazing ‘awkward’ interview

Speaking with Vogue, Jennifer Lawrence (charming as always) chronicles her time backstage at an exclusive shoot for the prestigious magazine as she plays up to the camera in the Mojave Deseret. Smart, witty and downright hilarious, this is one of our favourite J-Law interviews – here’s hoping she gets to do a 73 questions skit with the magazine soon. Watch here:  

Watch: Julia Roberts meets 9 other Julia Roberts’

Speaking with Jimmy Kimmel last night on a promotional tour for her upcoming film ‘Secret in Their Eyes’, Julia Roberts was presented with the opportunity to meet nine other women who bare the same name as the superstar. Roberts hilariously recounts how she once met another woman named Julia Roberts, the women she met admitted that she would use the celebrity’s name to get reservations in upmarket restaurants. Watch Julia Roberts meet 9 other Julia Roberts’ here:   

Miley Cyrus’s doppelgänger

Ok, this is super weird. Remember Kylie Jenner’s lookalike surfaced a couple of weeks ago? Well now we have a top celebrity Miley Cyrus, has a lookalike, what a time to be alive – a world with two Mileys.
Boomer looks too cute not to share this photo 🐶😍 He is my little teddy bear 💕 A photo posted by Riot Grrrl-vegan-hippie🍇🍒🍌 (@mardeeraquel) on
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