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Celebrity News: North West, Lena Dunham & The Walk of Fame

celebrity news lena dunham
Celebrity news & gossip: North West has perfected the art of throwing a filthy look, Lena Dunham plays an absolutely hilarious game of ‘Box of Lies’ with Jimmy Fallon & Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is being constantly vandalised.   

North West perfects the filthy look

At the tender age of 3 North West has already perfected the pinnacle of a filthy look. This isn’t the first time North has shown distain for what’s happening around her – no. This little star wears her heart on her sleeve and she doesn’t give a single damn who knows it. A true inspiration.  

Lena Dunham plays ‘Box of Lies’

Last night on Tonight with Jimmy Fallon, Lena Dunham played a hilarious game of ‘Box of Lies’. The actor put on a good show as she tried to navigate the tricky, yet, insanely funny game. Check it out:  

Hollywood walk of fame vandalised

The infamous walk of fame in Hollywood is littered with the stars of almost 2500 famous names. But one tile in particular on this tourist trap is constantly being vandalised. The star in question is of course Donald Trump’s. People have spray painted swastikas on it, smeared dog faeces on it and others have even urinated on it. All this vandalism is completely justified considering the fact Trump is a terrible person.      

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