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Cellulite ain’t so bad after all. We salute you Ashley Graham.

-Cormac Todd It is the age old discussion, a constricting societal construction that represses individualism by imposing unattainable beauty standards. This model of oppression has manifested itself in many facets of society but none quite like the fashion and pop culture machine.

Even in the age of old Hollywood when pictures were believed to portray “natural beauty” we still had the “Adam’s Retouching Machine” which was dubbed the photoshop of the 90s. This, coupled with a subterfuge of plastic surgery, diet pills and botox lay the foundations perpetuating the unattainable beauty standard we are now accustomed to.


Joan Crawford photo edited with the Adams retouching machine

But the tide is changing my fashion forward beauty mogul.


As little as ten years ago, these suppressive sequined parameters which stifled body confidence for both women and men alike were not even identified. Today, while there is still a long way to go, we have undoubtedly seen an increase in the challenging of these ideals.


The long awaited self-love rebellion against popular culture is effortlessly embodied by the exquisite Ashley Graham. On Friday, the Maxim and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model posted a photo on instagram promoting positive body image.  This pic featured Graham jovially cycling through life cellulite and all.

She captioned the photo, which has been liked 127,000 times: “A little cellulite never hurt nobody… Stop judging yourself, embrace the things that society has called ‘ugly’ #lovetheskinyourein #beautybeyondsize”.

Other celeb preaching self love include Kate Winslet, Jennifer Lawrence and Cameron Diaz.

 Graham at the CFDA awards

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