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Ditch the makeup rules

Ditch the makeup rules
Everyone’s aware of the conventional ways to apply makeup, for example, applying concealer after you apply your foundation, or finishing your makeup look with a lick of mascara. However, makeup isn’t about rules and there are no right and wrong ways to apply it. Instead, have fun with your makeup and play around with a routine that suits you best. Scroll below for a number of ‘backwards’ makeup tips that may become a staple process in your makeup routine!  ditch the makeup rules

# 1.   C O N C E A L E R   F I R S T 

Contrary to belief that concealer should be applied after foundation application, applying concealer before foundation will give you the most natural look. Used as a way to cover any areas of discolouration and blemishes, this will create an almost flawless base and encourage you to only apply foundation where needed.  We love: Maybelline Eraser Eye Mascara

# 2.   M A S C A R A   F I R S T 

Mascara is usually the last makeup product we apply to really bring our look together. However, applying it first (and again, last for a more dramatic effect), is key to help you create definition, open the eyes and control the amount of makeup you apply on your eyes. Once you’ve finished your eye makeup, apply a second coat of mascara for a perfect finished look.

We love: Benefit Rollerlash Mascara

# 3. L I P L I N E R   L A S T 

Many of us apply lipliner before lipstick to prime the lips and make colour last longer. However, sometimes outlining the lips with lipliner can look harsh and unnatural. Instead, roughly fill in the lips with lipliner (not lining the edges of the lips), the apply your lipstick. Lastly, line the edges of your lips which will help you create the perfect lip shape, as your lipstick will have already created a guide for you. 

We love: Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat: Pillow Talk – Re-Shape & Re-Size Lip Liner

# 4. O U T L I N E   T H E   B R O W S 

These days, filling in our brows is one of the most crucial steps to framing your face. Instead of filling from the inside out, try lightly working from the outside in. This will help to map the shape of the eyebrows and create a more natural effect. Make sure to apply more eyebrow product to the ends of the eyebrows, as most brows typically need more definition. 

We love: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade 

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