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Eyebrows through the decades

lily collins
Having a high brow conversation with a friend recently, we pondered the worrying possibility of eyebrows reverting to the barely existent line they were in the 90s. “Thing is”, she says, “I know I’d definitely pluck my eyebrows to obscurity if it became popular again”. This got us thinking of the cycle of the eyebrow and what we think of as attractive now, we could shudder about in ten years time. 1930s & 1990s:

Mae_West_LATMae West 

125544_001Drew Barrymore

The 1930s and 90s were very similar when it came to brow lines. It was very popular to have barely existent eyebrows and then have them coloured in with a dark pencil. 1950s and 1970s: Elizabeth_Taylor_portrait These decades saw the rise of the thickened eyebrow. They were perfectly arched, shaped and preened. Think Elizabeth Taylor with a dash of Sofia Loren. 1980s & The Noughties: 800px-Brooke_Shields_1991JanBrooke Shields  Lily_Collins_TIFF_2,_2012Lily Collins Bushy, natural brows were an 80s staple and they’re currently back with vengeance. Brooke Shields led the way with her highly maintained, unkempt looking eyebrows. Model and actor, Lily Collins is now channelling the heavy brow and they’re so magnificent that they have their own twitter account. We hear it’s where she keeps all her secrets. Cover image:”Lily Collins TIFF 2, 2012″ by Tony ShekUploaded by MyCanonLily Collins. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
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