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Fake Awake With Our Top 5 Eye Masks

The skin under our eyes is extremely thin, more so than the rest of our face, meaning that they’re more susceptible to the dreaded dehydration and lines. With central heating becoming aplenty in the coming months, it’s important to know that it is not your friend! It dries out your skin and combined with the external wintery elements, makes dry and dehydrated skin a double threat! As there are fewer sebaceous glands under your eyes, this area is unfortunately victim to dehydration. Also, the area around the eyes is the first place to suffer when you’re overtired and stressed. But, fear not, there are ways to minimise under eye puffiness, dryness, and lines, with the help of under-eye patch masks that are deigned to target this area. Take a look below at how you can fake awake with our top 5 eye masks! A perfect step to add into a DIY facial photo of eye mask products listed in article  

#1 . B L I S S   T R I P L E   O X Y G E N   I N S T A N T   E N E R G I Z I N G   

This brightening under-eye treatment includes 2 eye patches and a tube of gel that you use to saturated the patches. It’s ingredients include 3 forms of glow-inducing oxygenation, antioxidant vitamin C and puff-pummeling cucumber extract. 

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#2. C H A N T E C A I L L E   G O L D   E N E R G I Z I N G   E Y E  

R E C O V E R Y  M A S K 

Although extremely expensive(!), these eye-masks are recommended for those who need a quick-fix. These pre-saturated masks are seaweed based making it extremely soothing and are laced with DNA-protecting 25K gold and high-tech peptides to help fight wrinkles and dark circles.

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#3. S K I I   S I G N S   E Y E   M A S K 

This cotton under eye mask contains re-hydrates dry, dull under-eyes. Skin will appear smoother and brighter, and lines will be reduce after just one use. It contains a blend of pitera, which is a key ingredient in SKII skincare products, that replenishes lost moisture.  Buy here

#4. E L E M I S   P R O – C O L L A G E N   H Y D R A – G E L   E Y E  


These patches will energise tired eyes in a flash. It’s formula help to tighten and hydrate the under eyes and are extremely refreshing, especially when chilled in the fridge!

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#5. R O D I A L   D R A G O N ‘ S   B L O O D   E Y E   M A S K S 

This eye mask contains Hyaluronic Acid which works instantly to plump and hydrate the skin, and Arnica extract to help reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles. Apart from it’s instant plumping effect, it offers 24 hour hydration.

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