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Fashion News: Gigi Hadid, cheaper Balmain, changing face of luxury & size 6 model backlash

Here are today’s top fashion news stories, from our friends around the globe. Today we have the following: Gigi Hadid’s directorial debut, Oliver Rousteing wants lower prices points at Balmain, size 6 model’s open letter to agency that said she was ‘too big’ & a look at what we define as ‘luxury’ is undergoing huge change. 

Gigi Hadid directs music video

  Top model Gigi Hadid has turned her talents to directing! The Beverly Hills bombshell directed the latest video from Joe Jonas’ Band. Watch the video here: Fashionista

Balmain’s lower price point

oliver rousteing The man behind Balmain, Oliver Rousteing, has insisted that he wants to lower the prices of his high end designs so more people can have access to them! More at WWD

Size 6 model’s backlash 

  Charlie Howard is a size 6 model who was let go from her agency for being ‘too big’. The British model wrote a scathing open letter to the agency that wanted her to lose more weight. Elle  

What does luxury mean today?

  Definitions of terms tend to change over time to suit economic climates and societal movements. The fabulous people at Fashionista conclude that the notion of luxury is undergoing a major change. Read here: Fashionista
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