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Fashion News: Primark, skinny models, China & Gigi Hadid

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In today’s fashion news we have the following stories from our friends around the globe: Primark see’s massive growth in American markets, France passes a bill indicating that models need to posses certificates of health, China’s spending set to sky rocket and Gigi Hadid to collaborate on a collection with Tommy Hilfiger. 

Primark’s success in the US

fashion news penneys Unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple of months you might already know that Primark or Penneys’, as it’s known in Ireland, has recently opened stores in America. The cut price retailer has been enjoying huge success since the opening of it’s flagship store in Boston. Since the closure of Sears in the states, Primark has filled the budget fashion void it left behind. More at Bloomberg   

Gigi Hadid turns to designing clothes 

Gigi Hadid, a woman who sports clothing on the runway and streets, will now be designing a collection with Tommy Hilfiger, the New York Times surmises . “We’re creating a line called Gigi by Tommy Hilfiger, using her style, her sense, her social media presence as the top supermodel in the world today”. The collaboration talks came after Gigi walked in his February 2015 show, Hadid hopes that designing clothes will give her more of a challenge;  

“I ended up staying an extra five hours the first day, […] I think they were surprised I was that into it. (modelling) is not the hardest job in the world.” 

China’s spending set to sky rocket

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Despite 2015 reports that China’s spending is beginning to plateau economic experts are predicting that China’s population will spend a staggering $6.5 trillion by 2020! Its consumer market has been forecast to make this incredible expenditure, and e-commerce – especially through mobile platforms – has been credited as the main reason why. The burgeoning middle and upper classes taste for luxury fashion and lifestyle products are the driving force behind this massive consumption. More at Vogue

France passes law demanding models present health certificates

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In a controversial move by the French government, a bill has been passed indicating that models working in the country must possess a medical certificate deeming them fit to work, in a bid to prevent the use of “excessively thin” models. The bill also requires that digitally altered images in which a model’s appearance has been photoshopped are now required by law to be labelled “touched up”. Some people have decried the bill citing that it will increase the prevalence of ‘skinny shaming’. More at Vogue
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