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frockadvisor for Repeal The 8th

The Repeal Project
You may have noticed an influx in people wearing “Repeal” jumpers on the streets of Dublin and on social media. The black jumpers with block white lettering are taking the country by storm, with everyone from supporters, to the city’s socialites wanting they’re hands on one to instantly freshen up their newsfeed and they’re wardrobe. Repeal Apart from the appealing design of the jumpers, more importantly, The Repeal Project represents and important cause. The word “repeal” refers to the 8th Amendment of the Constitution which outlaws abortion in the Republic or Ireland. It’s being called “outerwear giving a voice to a hidden problem”, bringing the issue of abortion to the fore and starting the long overdue conversation that has been needed to be had for years. While the jumpers were launched on the 30th June from Indie menswear shop Indigo and Cloth of Temple Bar, the stock ran out just one hour after officially going on sale. Luckily for me, I have already gotten my hands on the hottest apparel in Dublin, making me a considerable target of envy, as you can see below.

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If you haven’t gotten your hands on one of these soon-to-be historic jumpers, don’t worry, The Repeal Project will have a pop-up at Longitude Festival from the 15th July and more will also be available from their online shop. Until then you can look at all of the pictures of everyone else wearing one, longingly.
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