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Introducing frockadvisor’s Guest Editor – Annmarie O’Connor

Annmarie O’Connor is a fashion writer, stylist and founder of The Happy Closet – a lifestyle decluttering service which balances well-being with being well-dressed. She has also interviewed fashion’s finest at London and Paris Fashion Week and was featured twice on Ireland’s Power List: 1,000 Women of Influence. An avid lover of independent fashion,  Annmarie is now taking over frockadvisor for a whole week as our fabulous guest editor! We can’t wait! Don’t forget to nab Annmarie’s enlightening book “The Happy Closet” right HERE, to be en route to a happier, healthier, more fashion forward wardrobe. Take a sneak peek:

Preparing a January wardrobe detox? Meet your new closet therapist. 

Fashion journalist and stylist by trade; reformed hoarder by habit, Annmarie O’Connor shares how she went from impulse buyer to decluttering coach by uncovering the emotional hang-ups and unconscious habits that underpin closet happiness. The Happy Closet is a self-help guide to balancing well-being and being well-dressed. It will help you transform your wardrobe (and your mind) into an organised and clutter-free space, ensuring you dress for the person you are today and never again utter the ill-fated words, ‘I have nothing to wear’. But this is no ordinary decluttering mission. Your closet is more than just a collection of clothes. It’s a deeply vulnerable space containing layers of old energy which can create chaos. If you feel dread and indecision each time you get dressed, then some closet therapy is in order. In The Happy Closet you will learn how to move from collecting rails of clothes you rarely wear to shopping effectively and building a wardrobe that works for you, whatever your lifestyle. You’ll find the tools to releasing the unconscious hoarding patterns behind 9 core closet personalities: Impulse Buyer, Secret Shopper, Doomsday Prepper, Tired and Emotional, Black Widow, Split Personality, Martyr Mom, Sale Sniper and Perfect 9. Once your clothes are in order you will feel more confident, less anxious and more in control. This is a book for anyone who has ever wanted to have more with less. Get ready. It’s time to discover how happy your closet can be.

Download the app HERE to see all of Annmarie’s wardrobe decluttering tips and find out your own wardrobe personality to be en route to a Happy Closet!

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