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Get Your Eyebrows on Fleek!

We pull them, wax them, thread them and even colour them in! Eyebrows are an essential part of every beauty queen’s morning routine. Eyebrows frame the face and can make or break your beauty regime. frockadvisor know that perfecting your brows is no easy task, so we’ve put together a list of our top-tips to get your eyebrows on fleek!

Shape Me!

eyebrows The front of your brow should be in alignment with the upper bridge of your nose. Use a makeup brush or a pencil to create a guideline from your bridge to your brow. To determine where your natural arch should start, hold the brush at a 45 degree angle. The brush will go through the pupil and the point at which it ends will be the highest part of your brows. Ideally, the arch should be three quarters of the way back from the bridge of the nose. To judge the eyebrow tail length, measure diagonally from the outer corner of the nose to the outer corner of the eye. The eyebrow tail should stop wherever the brush stops. frockadvisor suggest allowing your eyebrows to grow naturally for three weeks to find their natural shape and find the shape that is best suited to your face.

Tweeze Me!

eyebrows Although threading and waxing have grown in popularity over the years, tweezing still offers the best precision when preening your brows. Threading and waxing can also be rough on the delicate eye area. frockadvisor swear by MAC Tweezers. The slant-tipped tweezer allows for easy shaping and tweezing. Fill in your brows before you pluck to create a guideline for your eyebrow shape. Use a spoolie to brush hairs up for lift and volume, before tweezing underneath the eyebrow. Avoid plucking hairs from above the brow as it can drop the brow instead of lifting it.  Step back from the mirror every so often while plucking to check your brow progress. Focusing in on the eyebrow can cause you to lose perspective on what the brow shape should be and can also lead to over-plucking.

Fill Me!

eyebrows The bottom of the brow is the most important part to fill, hold the tweezer between the front of the brow and the inner arch to see what needs filling.  Avoid filling in the brows with waxy pencils as they often look dark and heavy when applied. Waxy pencils can also make eyebrows appear sticky and clumpy. Opt instead for an eyebrow gel or a powder based pencil. Inglot AMC Eyebrow Gel has become a staple product in our daily makeup routine. The waterproof gel fills the brow, emphasizes colour and creates a distinct contour. Dust translucent powder over your eyebrow gel to set your brows. The powder will also soak up any natural oils that can cause your eyebrows to slip or smear throughout the day. To complete your  brows, highlight the brow bone to lift the entire eyebrow.  

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