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Help, the bride is letting us choose our own bridesmaid dresses

bridesmaid dress film
Being endowed with the task of bridesmaid comes with great responsibility. Your friends wedding day is one of the most important days of their life – no pressure. But chances are if the bride to be is allowing you to pick your own bridesmaid dress then she is more of a bride-chilla than a bridezilla. Consider yourself lucky, other gals in your position have an awful time ensuring everything is perfect.  However, even if your bride to be pal has encouraged you to pick your own dress, you still might find yourself at a loss with the seamlessly endless amount of options out there. Fear not little bridesmaid, we are here to help. Check out these nine fabulous gowns from eight of our friends.     

Frock n Fabulous – SHOP

bridesmaid dress Frock n Fabulous    

Verso – SHOP

bridesmaid dress verso  

Glamour Boutique – SHOP

bridesmaid dress glamour boutique  

McArdles – SHOP

Bridesmaid dress McArdles boutique  

The Wedding Gallery – SHOP

bridesmaid dress white The Wedding Gallery bridesmaid dress the wedding gallery  

Maire Forkin – SHOP

bridesmaid dress maire forkin  

Harper – SHOP

Bridesmaid dress harper  

Ruby Rouge – SHOP

bridesmaid dress ruby rouge  

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