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How high can waists go?

There are few trends that stand the test of time in the world of fashion – the high waist trouser is definitely one of those timeless looks. Arguably, this über chic trend has lasted so long because because of it’s incredibly versatility. One can easily transition a high waisted trouser from the office to the wine bar – we love the multiplicity of outfit the humble high waist offers. Here are a couple of looks from our boutiques: 

Pia Galway

AQ/AQ Cian Wide Leg Trousers

high waisted

RedLane Boutique

Crossline Stretch Crop

high waisted trousers

Style Ikon

Malene Birger Cropped Jersey Trouser

high waisted trousers black  

Nine Crows 

High waisted wide leg trousers 

high waited leg trousers wide leg

Ruby Rouge 

High waisted sequin trousers

high waisted trousers sequin    

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