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How to actually walk in heels

paris fashion week high heels
So we’ve already covered the 7 struggles of walking in heels, now we want to show you how to actually walk in heels so you can avoid any injury (or embarrassment). Walking in heels is a skill, an art that can be easily mastered, it may take some practice, but if you follow these tips you’ll be able to strut your stuff carefree and with a new found confidence.   

1. Size matters

  It’s so important that your shoe actually fits. It might sound obvious but many of us impulse buy shoes that don’t fit us correctly. If your shoes are too small then your feet will cramp up, if your shoes are too big you run the risk of falling out of them! Did you know your feet change size over time? It’s recommended that we should get our feet sized once a year.   

2. Start small 

  kitten heel If you’ve never really taken to heels it’s best to start with a smaller heel. Don’t even think about starting off with a 5 or 6 inch. You’ll run the risk of injury (and again, embarrassment). Start off with the dreaded kitten heel, walk around in your house so no one has to see you, then eventually graduate to a higher heeled shoe. Just make sure to pace yourself until you are fully confident enough to walk in much higher shoes.  

3. Engage upper body 

  When walking in heels be conscious of your abs and shoulders, hold your shoulder back slightly, this in turn will engage the abdominal muscles, giving you better balance and improving posture! Let your hips and legs do the talking. Ensure your knees and hips remain fluid as you walk for a more graceful stride.   

4. Commit the cardinal sin 

  Want to get more traction when you walk in brand new heels? Scuff the bottom of the shoe with sandpaper! I know it seems like you’re ruining a brand new pair of shoes, but believe me, it works wonders!   

5. Comfort is king

When one thinks of high heels, the notion of comfort never really has any correlation, but you can strut pain free thanks to the countless number over over the counter cushioning products designed for high heels. Opt for silicone based cushioning products as they are the least likely to slip.         
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