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How to be a fashion icon

fashion icon
For some of us fashion is a hobby, for others fashion is there life. It flows through every facet of their life – everything they do is theatrical display or fashion reference. Many of us flirt with the idea of being considered a ‘fashion icon’, but how does one achieve such an illustrious accolade? Well, it can be quite difficult, but not entirely impossible. To be a fashion icon you should consider the following steps.  

Be Yourself

There is nothing worse than a carbon copy of another person/personality. You need to let your own distinct personality and sense of style shine through.  

Find your style

If you haven’t managed to pin point a style that suits you yet don’t worry! The great thing about fashion is that you can be versatile and try new things

Break the rules

No one ever made it by playing by the book. Staying within rigid conformities and conventions will only suffocate you. If you want to be noticed then make them talk.

Keep a fashion diary

Take note of your outfits, highlight the ones that you felt your best in. Study the outfits that made you feel great and see if they have anything in common – chances are they will. Then you can identify your signature style.

Be Kind

In the world of fashion you will meet a lot of people – it’s a social industry. If you are rude, abrupt, demanding or in any way obnoxious your days as a budding fashion icon will be numbered. Everyone remembers the jerk – but for all the wrong reasons – don’t be that person. The kind, nice and polite individual will be noticed by those that matter. They will succeed.
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