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How to Dress for a Pear Body Shape

frockadvisor understand that certain body types can be hard to dress and sometimes impossible to flatter! One of our most frequently asked questions is how to dress body shape? There are a number of ways to disguise the pear body shape, we’ve put together a list of our top five tips for dressing the pear shaped body.  

5. Balance it:

Balance your pear shape by making your shoulders look as broad as your hips. Achieve the balance by exposing your shoulder or chest area to take attention away from the hip. pear   frockadvisor recommend balancing out your pear with a halter neck, we love this Marilyn Monroe-esque halter neck dress from Ail Ruin.

4. Distract from it:

Add size. Yes, we said add size! Adding a flared hem skirt will distract the eye from the hip and draws attention towards the hemline. pear   This orange flared midi skirt from Dressed is the perfect fit for our pear shaped fashionistas. The width of the flared hem balances out the hips and the high waistline draws attention to the smallest part of the body, again pulling the eye away from the hip.

3. Conceal it:

You can conceal your pear shaped body by wearing shapewear underwear. pear This sharply tailored black dress from Beautiful You by Patricia O’Toole is ideal for the pear shape as it contains built-in, concealed shapewear to make your bottom half appear slimmer. Beautiful You stock a range of concealed shapewear garments which tackle different problem areas in a number of styles.

2. Manipulate it:

Manipulate that pear shaped bod by visually contouring your shape. Wear clothes with cleverly placed, colour-block, side panels. This look distracts the eye from where your body lines naturally occur and manipulate the eye into visualising the body as smaller.   pear   This pink and black body-con dress from The Wardrobe Buncrana cleverly contours the body. The black lace panels distract from the hip. The strip of pink across the waist also emphasises the smallest part of the body and creates a more balanced silhouette.

1. Flaunt it:

Celeb pear shapes such as Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez have made the pear shaped body a desired commodity. pear Don’t shy away from the pear, celebrate your curves with this bold print, figure hugging piece from Fusion Fashion.    

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