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How to hide Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin problem that isn’t as discussed as other skin ailments. There’s an abundance of beauty products targeted to help fight commonly discussed skin problems like, fine lines and enlarged pores, however, beauty columns fail to discuss rosacea as much. We’re all partial to our faces flushing, and this can be due to a workout session or embarrassment, but when the redness becomes an unwelcome permanent fixture, this is knows as rosacea. But, what exactly is rosacea? Rosacea is an inflammatory issue, which symptoms’ include facial redness, red pimples and red fine lines, and can sometimes be mistaken as sun burn or even acne. It is most prevalent in females and those with fair skin.  As with everything, there are different levels of rosacea and can vary from person to person. If you suffer from more severe cases of rosacea, it’s best to consult with your doctor for treatment, however if you have a milder case of rosacea there are a number of things you can do to reduce it. Scroll below for some simple tips to help you fight the redness, once and for all.  How to hide Rosacea

#1. Avoid Red Everything… 

Well, not everything! We just mean avoid foods and drinks that can cause you to flare up. Steer clear of red wine, hot and spicy food, as these are known triggers. And we have used the word ‘avoid’ here lightly, by the way.. We just mean to cut down, rather..  

#2. Don’t Anti on the Anti

While rosacea can give off symptoms of dry bumpy skin, don’t assume that exfoliator is the way to go. We understand why one would think that exfoliator would help to scrub  the red bumps away, but what your skin really needs in this case is, an anti-inflammatory cream. As rosacea causes the skin to to be inflamed, you need to soothe and hydrate the skin rather than scrub it to oblivion.  Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer is just what you need to inject the skin with hydration and calm and soothe it down.  Apart from applying anti-oxidants on to the literal problem, ensure that you treat rosacea from the inside too. Foods like dark green vegetables and berries are full on anti-oxidants and help to fight off the redness, so ensure to stock up!

#3. SPF diligence 

As any beauty maven knows (if not, they should.), SPF is one of THE most important beauty products (yes, beauty), to use every day.  SPF not only protects the skin from sunburn, but it also blocks the sun preventing it from causing rosacea to flare up again. 

#4. Go Green

For an instant fix, always go green. There are a number of green-tinted concealers and primers which help to magically neutralise any redness in the skin. For those of you who seem sceptical, trust us, you won’t be left with a green tinge. This will even out the skin tone and make your foundation look more flawless than ever! Smashbox Colour Corrector Primer, is one of the most popular redness buster products. We also love NYX Concealer Wand in Green.  
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