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How to nab a date with a model from the FROW

model francisco lachowski
London Fashion Week has just launched and we are on the hunt for someone to keep us warm at night. Ever wonder how people manage to nab the ideal model partner? Well, they head to fashion week of course. Want the perfect model partner for yourself? Then just follow these handy steps.   

Be Coy 

Models tend to get asked out a lot, so when getting to know one be coy. Don’t scare them away. 

Be Cute 

Maybe not cute as such, but more so endearing. Model’s love to be charmed so work your magic and you might leave with the perfect partner in tow. 

Be Seen 

Pea-cocking will defiantly get you noticed by the street style paps, which in turn, means all eyes will be on you – even that gorgeous model’s! 

Be Bold 

Be a tad outrageous, steal a bottle of Moët and ask them to drink from the bottle with you. Your carefree antics might just be what that model needs in their life.   

Be Flirtatious 

As Tyra Banks always says ‘Don’t forget to smize’. Flirt with your eyes and win the prize.   


Best way to nab a model’s attention? Why through the art of fashion of course. But be careful, there is a fine line between being fashion forward and being a try hard wannabe – don’t ever cross that line.   
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