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How to survive London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week has finally officially launched and we couldn’t be more excited! Fashion week is such a wonderful time of the year, those of us lucky enough to attend the shows have access to all the hottest upcoming trends. But fashion week can be a treacherous endeavour, here are some survival tips for all the fashion week novices out there. 

Stay Hydrated 

    You’ll no doubt be rushing around the city, taking in all the shows you can and maybe a free cocktail or three. But is imperative you stay hydrated, believe me, there’s nothing worse than having a pounding headache (caused by dehydration). Plus there’s nothing worse than having a headache at shows with thumping house music. 

Sensible Shoes 

  I know it’s fashion week and you want to look your best, so naturally you will opt for a pair of killer heels, but the cobbled streets of London are not your friend. It’s best to pack a pair of tasteful flats that you can change into when you running from show to show. Don’t think you can just rely on taxis, the entire city will be gridlocked! 

Weather Ready 

  The UK’s weather is notoriously changeable, one minute it’s calm and temperate, the next it’s balmy with violent rain. Try pack a small umbrella to keep your hair bouncy and your makeup flawless. Because you never know, you might even get papped. 

Don’t forget invitations! 

  Fashion week bouncers are some of the most austere security forces in the world (slight exaggeration) but seriously, just don’t forget your invites, you don’t want your day ruined! 

Don’t drink too much 

  We don’t want to come across as patronising, but the plethora of free drinks on offer can tempt even the most restrained of us. But believe us, mixing all those drinks, while over a long and busy day, might not make you drunk, it can seriously mess up your morning. two words: sugar crash!    Oh and most importantly! Stay tuned to our live stream of #LFW hosted by the one and only social media sensation James Kavanagh. 
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