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URSA London Vintage Car Boot Sale

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London’s illustrious King’s Cross played host to the annual Buy British Day car boot sale. The Best of Britannia staged the event, which fostered many British heritage brands and even more up and coming labels. The event highlights the importance of buying British and supporting local economies, as part of the event, many British retailers in the country offered discounts to mark the spacial occasion. According to the Buy British Day’s manifesto “The stamp Made in Britain has long been seen as a badge of quality overseas but less so at home”. One of frockadvisor’s favourite boutiques, URSA London, were present at the car boot fair which was attended by tens of thousands of eager shoppers looking to snap up some exquisite British wears. Our friends at URSA delivered on every level with their fabulous display and wide range of contemporary pieces. The exclusive online store’s pop up hosted designers such as Imogen Belfield Jewellery Niza Huang Jewellery Clarice Price Thomas Jewellery Ros Millar Jewellery Peter Jensen bags Danielle fosterJas MB & many more. 
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