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In-flight Beauty Essentials

With the cold weather upon us and many flying towards the sun, having an in-flight beauty routine will ensure you look and feel fab en route! Flying can really take it’s toll on our appearance and this is mainly due to the recycled cabin air. It’s important to defend your skin against hydration, especially on long haul flights. Adopting an in-flight beauty routine is key to tackling dry and dull skin caused by flying. Your beauty routine should be similar to your night time regimen. Follow our in-flight beauty steps so that you arrive at baggage claim looking rejuvenated and ready to enter holiday mode!


  • Cleanse
Cleanse your face as soon as you can when you get on the plane! If you have too many liquids in your hand luggage already, face wipes will do. Otherwise, use a cleansing water like Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and cotton pads. As the bottle is over 100ml it could effect liquid restrictions put in place, so you could simply decant the cleansing water into a clear small plastic container. Using cleansing water is handy as you can cleanse from the comfort of your seat and not have to make trips to the bathroom!
  • Face Mist
After cleansing, use a face mist which will act as a refreshing toner. Caudalie Beauty Elixir is flight friendly and comes in a handy sized can at only 30ml. Not only does this mist refresh the skin, it also sets your makeup giving your skin a glowing complexion. This mist is best used when sprayed on hands and gently patted and pushed onto your skin. 
  • Face mask
Your skin is probably craving an intense shot of hydration at this point! Opt for a face mask like Dermalogica skin Hydrating Masque. This product is perfect for flights as it’s a clear gel, so people won’t know that you’re wearing a face mask! Apply a thin layer like you would with moisturiser and let it sink into the skin, then apply a slightly thicker layer and leave it on the skin for the duration of the flight.
  • Lips
To keep your lips hydrated you want to use something with longevity. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is literally the creme de la creme of hydration! This multi task product can also be used as a hand cream and also on your elbows where the skin is usually dry.
  • Eye cream
People tend to drink less on flights, so it’s extremely important to keep your skin hydrated in other ways. You don’t want dehydration to cause lines to set under your eyes. Ensure you use an eye cream and as often as possible! Any eye cream is better than no eye cream but one of our favourites is Origins GinZing which will brighten and de-puff you under eye area. Once you have completed your in-flight beauty regimen, kick back, relax and enjoy your flight with the knowledge of knowing that you can look more fab while en route! Before you land, adopt your usual morning regimen – clean the mask off with your micellar water and cotton pads, moisturise and apply your makeup as normal!  *Tip: Try to get sample sized products from skin care counters as they will give your more room for liquids and space! If any of your bottles are over 100ml, it’s best to decant them into small clear containers!
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