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In our prime

If you haven’t already heard of primer, you must be living under a rock, because every beauty brand and their mother now have one! The main objectives of primers are to prep your skin for makeup, and create a flawless base. Applying makeup over a freshly primed face is a dream, and it makes your makeup last longer too. Below is a list of some of our favourite primers for the face, eyes and lips. Face Face primers fill lines and pores, and ensures that your foundation go on easier. Our pores become more noticeable as we age and many people make the mistake of opting for concealer to tackle this. Don’t be tempted to pile on cover-up – concealer only corrects colour, not texture. Nyx Pore Filler is a silicone based primer, that offers the ability to reduce the appearance of your pores and give the appearance of smoother skin. The mattifying formula is the ideal pick to keep oily skin at bay and boasts makeup longevity. The perfect pre-foundation base coat, this talc-free, oil-free formulation includes Vitamin E to smooth and enhance your skin!


Eyes Eye primer is extremely underrated and a definite must have item in the makeup bag! For those who suffer from oily eyelids, primer will mattify the lids and keep shine at bay. It will literally lock your eyeshadow in place so that it won’t crease or budge! Applying primer on the lids will create a better colour payoff from your eyeshadow and ensure that it lasts all day. Used by top makeup artists and beauty bloggers worldwide, Urban Decay Primer Potion, is on our definite, must have list!


Lips Lip primer will be your new best friend, especially when wearing a bright or dark coloured lipstick! Priming your lips creates a smooth canvas, filling in lines or wrinkles and ensures that your lipstick stays put. There’s nothing worse than having to constantly apply your lipstick throughout the night, due to fade off. MAC’s lip primer, will make your lipstick last longer,  whilst softening and nourishing the lips!


Cover Image: AP Photographie. Licensed under CC Attribution-Non-NoDerivs 2.0 via Flikr.
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