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Introducing; Herstory

herstory ireland
Herstory is a new arts collective, consisting of both men and women, based in Ireland. This incredible initiative aims to retrieve the lost voice and narrative of some of Ireland’s most formidable women from both the past and present. Herstory boasts a strong team of individuals from many varied disciplines such as: fashion designers, product designers, authors, songwriters, actors, poets, playwrights, photographers,filmmakers, fire-dancers, painters, graphic designers, illustrators and historians.
”The Irish are known as the best storytellers in the world but until now we have only told half the story the time has come to tell her story.”
Herstory in an inclusionary movement that drives to create bonds through the mediums of art, fashion, story and everything else in between. Their ethos breathes new life into the narrative of womanhood in Ireland.
”Herstory will allow you unbridled freedom to express your talents as a creative artist, using your medium to bring a lost heroine’s story back to life. Together we can harness the power of fashion design as a storytelling medium.”
This broad, yet, refined creative-collective, is defiantly one to watch in 2016. We can expect to see huge things from these guys in the near future.
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